Ukrainian students

The HU has several options for Ukrainians who want to study or continue their study at the HU. We want to give you as many opportunities as possible, so take a look:

New students

English Bachelor/Master

    • The deadline for registering via Studielink is the 1st of August
    • The admission requirements are posted on
    • Possibilities of continuing an ongoing study program at HU can be talked about with the International Office via

For more information go to

Exchange program minor

    • Are you a student from a Ukrainian University or did you graduate less than one year ago? In that case, you can follow one of our many English minors for 30 ETS. You can even apply to the Erasmus+ program for financial help. The number of spots in these minors does have a limit, so don’t wait too long. You can look at the minors via and if you are interested you can contact the International Office via

The minors will start in the spring and autumn, roughly 1 February and 1 September.

Want to know if there is still a spot in your minor of choice? Send an e-mail to the international office and they will check if there is still some availability.

Utrecht Summerschool

    • This Summer there will start around 180 summer courses. Together with the University Utrecht and the Utrecht School of Art there will be fully accredited courses in English at Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and Post academic level
    • Are you interested? You can find more information at


Current students

For our current students from Ukraine, we have the possibility of applying to the support fund. This fund could help you with an advance to help with your livelihood and a temporary suspension on your tuition. These are not gifts or grants, however. You do need to, if possible,  pay your tuition eventually and pay back the advances. If you want more information about this, please contact your dean.

Studying at a Ukrainian University with facilities from HU/the Campus

For Ukrainian students who want to study at a Ukrainian University, via online education, for example, Utrecht Science Park offers some facilities. HU has a library at Padualaan 99 which is open to the public as well. The same goes for the libraries from Utrecht University on Campus. Besides these libraries, there are several buildings from the HU that is also open to the public where you can find a random spot in the public spaces.

Communication Help/Card

Looking for help with communication? Here you will find a communication card to help you communicate with others and learn the language while using them.

HU Home - Feel at home at HU

HU HOME is an initiative by and for other language students, established to offer a warm welcome at HU to students with a migration backstory and/or refugee past. With this, we want to contribute to inclusion and student success. For more information about HU HOME press the button.