Creative Business

Creative Business

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Contact - Nicolle Lamerichs

The Creative Business honours programme is best understood as a personalized trajectory across the different years of your bachelor. We offer highly international and professional options, but also encourage that you initiate your own projects or take courses beyond our bachelor. By doing extra activities and maintaining a great portfolio, you will be more attractive for the professional practice as a graduate.


Within our programme we offer:

  • Starting Honours – an international, introductory course to honours for year 1 students
  • COIL  – an international course with a partner university for year 2 and higher
  • Professional projects – clients which rotate each year. Our students worked with amongst others with Stichting de Terugkeer (2018) and Facebook (2019)
  • Personal projects  – you can initiate your own projects by submitting a one-pager to the coordinator with a justification. Our honours alumni have done summer internships, worked for a client, and done online courses on their own


Outside of our programme, you can take international or Dutch honours courses with other institutes at the HU. This is the best way for you to get interdisciplinary experience within our applied university.

For the most recent overview, please check the course manual as posted on our HU honours Canvas page.

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