The following procedure is intended for internal HU students wishing to take a HU-minor. External ‘Kies op Maat’-students look for application procedures and minor supply HU on the Kies op Maat-sitePlease note that not all HU minors are offered through Kies op Maat.


Enrolment and deregistration after the closure of the 3rd registration round for period CD

Registration after closure of the 3rd enrollment round can be settled by sending an email to the relevant minor course coordinator, in which you mention your request for post-enrollment on the minor. If the minor course coordinator, gives permission, this does not guarantee that you will be registered for the minor. Send the approval of the minor course coordinator to with a request to be registered for the minor course and all the courses included. Only after confirmation of registration from the Study Progress Team you are assured of a place.
Prior to your minor choice, consult the overview per program with HU-minors that are not allowed by your exam committee via the following link to avoid disappointment.

Deregistration from a minor course can be settled by sending an email to the relevant minor course coordinator, informing them of your deregistration. Forward the same email to so that the team can process your deregistration in Osiris.


The enrolment procedure for HU minor courses taught in the 2018-2019 academic year encompasses three registration rounds.

1st registration round: application and lottery

The 1st registration round for the minor courses comprises the application and a lottery: the random registration for minor courses based on students’ one or more preferences, which will give every student equal chances of enrolment in the minor course of their choice.
In this round, you can enter in Osiris a maximum of 3 preferred HU minor courses taught in period AB and/or CD. You will have a week to do so. When this round closes after one week, we will draw lots. We will immediately inform you by email as to whether or not you have won a place and in which minor course. By the way, you cannot increase your chances for enrolment in a specific minor course by entering just one preference for this single course. After the draw, the minor course in which you have been enrolled will be shown in the ‘Overview of enrolments’ tab.

The ‘Instructions – Applying for the 2018-2019 Minor Course Draw’ explains, step by step, how to enter your preference(s) in Osiris.

Waiting lists
Some minor courses are very popular with students, while they have a limited number of places available. Some of them now allow you to be placed on a waiting list. Please check from 29 March 2018 the minor course information page to find out whether it has a waiting list and how you can be placed on it. Placement on the waiting list does not mean that you can count on enrolment. The chance is very small. Please do make sure that you are enrolled in any minor course if you want to start in September 2018 (or February 2019).

2nd registration

In the 2nd registration round, you can register for a minor course in Osiris directly. If you have not won a place in your preferred minor course(s), you can choose again and register for a minor course with available places. You can also register directly via Osiris now, even if you skipped the first round. It is also possible to deregister from a minor course in Osiris in this round.

Once the 2nd registration round closes, it will be decided which minor courses will definitely go through (GO) and which will be cancelled (NO-GO).

GO/NOGO decision for CD-minors 2018-2019

Publication date: 18 oktober 2018

We have made the final decisions as to which minor courses taught in period CD will go through (GO) and which will be cancelled (NO-GO). For the NOGO-decisions that have been made, check the following document:

NOGO CD minor courses 2018 -2109 -DEF

All the CD minor courses not mentioned in this document will go ahead and still have places available at the start of the 3rd registration round (which opens on 18 oktober 2018 7 pm).
Please note: it may well be that deregistrations in the next round will make places available again in the CD minor courses where they are fully booked at another moment.

3rd registration round

If you happened to have registered for a no-go minor course, then you can choose again in the 3rd registration round and register for another minor course directly in Osiris. You can also register directly if you passed the first two rounds. Deregistration in Osiris will be possible in this round too.


Minor course registration includes the 1st exam sittings

All the students admitted to a minor course taught in either the AB or CD period of the 2018-2019 academic year will be registered in August and January respectively for all the courses it comprises and thereby also for the 1st examination sittings for those courses. If for any reason you would also like to use the 2nd examination sittings, you will have to register for them in due course yourself.


Deadlines for (de-)registration in the 2nd and 3rd rounds
For the minor courses that will start in September 2018 (taught in period AB or continuously) the second registration round will close at an earlier date than for minors that are to start in February 2019 (taught in period CD). Their 3rd registration round will likewise open and close earlier. Please check the ‘Deadlines‘! If your minor course will be taught in period CD and you register before the summer of 2018, please be aware that the go/no-go decision for the course will not be made until mid-October!

Examination Board’s approval to enrol in a HU minor course arranged in advance
Every student requires their examination board’s permission to enrol in a minor course. For HU students, this approval has already be arranged and implemented accordingly in Osiris for the 2018-2019 academic year. This means that the examination board for your course approves of your enrolment in any of the minor courses made available to you in Osiris. In other words: you will now only be able to register in Osiris for minor courses in which your examination board allows you to enrol. For an overview of excluded 2018-2019 HU minor courses per HU degree programme, click here.

Do you not want to take a minor course at HU as part of your elective course combination plan? If so, you do need to ask the examination board for approval. For more information, please refer to the website of the examination board for your course.

Do you want to take your minor course at an educational institution abroad?
If so, other rules and deadlines apply. These can be found on the SharePoint site of the International Office: