Minor options at the HU

HU students can include a minor course in their elective course combination plan. A minor course is a set of associated courses in a certain subject area. In order to choose the correct minor course, you should first gather ample information. First check with your department regarding the number of credits that you must obtain through your elective course combination plan and whether you are actually allowed to enrol in a minor course in the 2018-2019 academic year.

You can search for suitable minor courses in different ways: by the alphabet, theme, period (AB or CD) in which they are taught, format (fixed period or continuous course), variant (full-time or part-time) or institute.


Additional information in Osiris

For additional information on minor courses, such as entry requirements and the relevant course combination aspects, please go to www.osiris.hu.nl and take the following steps:

  • Log onto OSIRIS Student.
  • Open the ‘Education’ tab.
  • Open the ‘Minor course’ tab.
  • For the Academic Year, fill in ‘2018’.
  • Fill in the Osiris minor course code or its title.
  • Click ‘Search’ (bottom left).

A unit within a fixed period or a continuous course?

The minor courses are generally taught as a unit within a fixed period, but some are programmed continuously throughout the academic year. Each minor course description includes information on its format.

A minor course as a unit within a fixed period is taught in period AB (the first half of the academic year) and/or in period CD (the second half). In the period when this type of minor course is taught, you will have no room in your schedule to complete any other courses or components.

A continuous minor course runs throughout the academic year.