Minors and the free choice component

All HU students have a free-choice or elective component (profileringsruimte) as part of their major programme. The study load for these elective course combination plans usually equals 30 ECTS.This corresponds to six months full-time study. The elective course combination plan can be designed in different ways. Taking a HU minor course is one of the possibilities.

Choosing a minor option enables you to tailor a significant amount of your course according to your own choices. You may choose for a minor option within your course, for instance to specialise or to facilitate the move onto a master’s programme. In addition to this you may also choose to follow a minor option outside your course or faculty to help extend your professional perspective.

Choosing your electives
The free-choice component options can be selected in various ways:

  • For a standard HU minor: an off-the-peg package of associated electives group of courses as described on this website.
  • For a pre-master’s (bridging programme): to facilitate the move to a master’s programme.
  • For a self-designed free-choice component: an associated group of courses and study activities, appropriately titled and submitted to the examinations board with an application requesting the board to recognise this as a suitable interpretation of the free-choice component. You will need to write to the examinations board justifying why this self-designed free-choice component provides added value to your future professional practice or study plans.
  • Individual optional modules:  you may also choose in Osiris from a range of inter-faculty optional modules.