Selecting a minor course

Selecting a minor course

The following procedure is intended for internal HU students wishing to take a HU-minor. External ‘Kies op Maat’-students look for application procedures and minor supply HU on the Kies op Maat-site. Please note that not all HU minors are offered through Kies op Maat. The Minor Market is intended for HU students.

Many students will take their minor course in their 3rd or 4th year. This means that you will have to explore your options and select a course during your 2nd or 3rd year, respectively. To help you along, you can count on information and counselling. In any case, always discuss your plans with your study counsellor first.

The months of February and March are important when it comes to enrolling in a HU minor course.

Try to select three minor courses of your interest

The information about all the minor courses available to you will be published on 1 February and include things like attainment targets, contents and entry requirements. Select three minor courses that you are interested in and would enhance or widen your knowledge and, in other words, help increase your chances in the labour market.   Please make sure that you meet the entry requirements and that each of your preferred minor courses is taught in the period that you want to take it. This information is also included in the minor course description.

Enter your preferred minor courses in Osiris

Enter your preferred minor courses for the 2021-2022 academic year in Osiris, as of 12 March up to and including 19 March 2020, whether they are taught in period AB, CD or run continuously. You can enter a maximum of three preferences.

We will draw lots. You will receive an email with the title of the minor course to which you have been admitted in the week of 8 April. Your enrolment in this minor course will then also be visible in Osiris, in the ‘Summary of enrolments’ tab.

Not allowed minors

Well before you apply and register, the Examination Board for your course has determined which minor courses you are, or are not, allowed to take. Osiris will only allow you to select minor courses that have been approved. Click here to see which minors are not allowed for you.

Did you not participate in the draw?

From April 12 you can register directly for a minor in Osiris. It is no longer a matter of specifying three preferences: you register for the minor of your preference, provided there are still places available. See also the information under Enrolment and Calendar.

Do you want to enrol for a minor at an other educational institute?

Please enrol for the minor via the Kies op Maat website. Frequently asked questions about the process you will find here.

If you are sure that you don’t want to enrol for a HU minor, then you don’t have to enter three preferred minors in Osiris. Are you in doubt if you want to enrol for a minor at HU or an other educational institute? Then it ís wise (besides enrolling for a minor via Kies op Maat) to enter your three preferences in Osiris in the period 12 – 19 March. You will then be enrolled for a minor at HU. If you want to cancel your enrolment, you can disenrol for the minor in Osiris as of 12 April.

Need help?

Go to Study Choice Counseling when you find it difficult to choose. This website offers a number of online tools to help you make a well-founded selection of minor courses step by step. Naturally, you can also discuss your options with your study counsellor.

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