Aphasia, Dysarthria and Dysphagia: the advanced course


People are growing older and the elderly population is growing in the Netherlands. Many of them experience increasing health problems. Neurological diseases are more common in this group, such as stroke and neuro-degenerative diseases. Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) working in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and nursing homes are responsible for assessing and treating communicative problems and swallowing disorders due to brain injury. Extensive knowledge and skills on these subjects are essential to guarantee the best treatment for the individual.

How does the minor contribute here?

By attending this minor, you will deepen and broaden the knowledge you gained in the Bachelor SLT. As a starting professional, your chances of being selected as the best candidate when applying for a job in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation centre will increase.

What will you do?

Among other subjects, the minor includes courses on linguistics, motor learning, the healthy aging brain, neuro-imaging, cognitive disorders in stroke and dementia and LPAA. The course English for the healthcare professional is also included to assure that you can easily read literature written in English and become a more fluent speaker. Last but not least; during the summerschool Multiprofessional cooperation in stroke management you learn about other disciplines concerned with the treatment of stroke and you practise interdisciplinary treatment.

Entry requirements

  • Student must be enrolled in a bachelor programme Speech Therapy (Logopedie).
  • Student completed all courses in Aphasia, Dyarthria and Dysphagia.