Co-Design studio

This minor course has a waiting list. Please contact if the minor is full and if you wish to be placed on the waiting list. For more information, click here.

What is Co-design studio?

This is not school. This is an engaging design studio working with real clients and coaches that actually work in the field of design. We focus on creating value for the world, with a strong heart for lasting sustainability, life-changing health care solutions, and relevant social innovations that include the society.

Too often, innovation is based on our own ideas and perspectives. Or simply technology-driven, creating a push to the market. Our International program on Co-Design is designed to inspire you and support you in becoming an expert in understanding the user and its context – and thereby creating better products or services from their perspective. It will increase your chances for successful innovation for sure!

How do we work?

We work as a dynamic design agency with you on design (research) projects for our corporate clients, focusing on mobility, sustainability, social innovation, and health care. You’ll work in teams the majority of your time, however these teams change a lot so you actually get to work with a many different students from the program. Besides project work, there are (guest) lectures and workshops offered.


This program is tough. It takes 40+ hours a week (when in doubt, please do contact one of our alumni to confirm). We believe that only with a lot of effort and attention from both you and us, we can do great things this semester. Our team of experienced professionals, that’s known for their skills in (product) design, user centered design, user research, experience design, rapid/early prototyping, entrepreneurship, and organizational development, is very approachable throughout the program.

For whom?

Feel free to contact us for any information regarding the program or whether you’d fit in. But in general: if you have a vast interest in creativity and innovation, you want to be better in understanding the world you’re designing for, and you are willing to work hard for this, you are very welcome to our next edition of the Co-Design Studio. We’d love to work with you!

Entry requirements

If you care about creativity and innovation, and you’re ambitious, you’re the one we are looking for. At least a propaedeutic diploma issued after first year of studies is obliged.