Doing business in High Growth Markets


International business has become even more important in the last years. Companies often started doing international business in neighbouring countries but through technology the world has become smaller and companies are looking for opportunities all over the world. Besides learning about doing actual business, they have to learn about the national and local business cultures and languages. This minor actually let students study and live in countries that experience a high economic growth for 10 weeks and when they return, they reflect on their experiences.

How does the minor contribute?

The minor Doing Business in High Growth Markts let students study in a number of high growth markets which are for 2017-2018 China, Brazil and India. With our partner universities they learn about the economic and business world in these countries, the cultural aspects and the local languages. When students return, they know how business is done in these countries and are able to reflect on their experiences. Especially for students who follow Dutch language courses, this minor is an excellent way to think internationally and will benefit their careers when they enter the job market.

What will you do?

In block A you will go to one of the above mentioned countries and you will attend our partner universities and learn the language, the culture and how business is done in these countries. When you return to the Netherlands in block B you will get a course on how to  make an international business plan and a project in which you will apply this knowledge by executing an actual company assignment of a company who wants to do business there. The third part will be a course about the local cultures and hw and what you can advise to companies who want to do business there.

For more information, see Flyer Doing Business in High Growth Markets

Entry requirements

  • Good level of English;
  • intake will be done via a personal interview.