Doing business in High Growth Markets

For whom

Students who have an international orientation and are interested in learning more about emerging markets and business. This minor is not limited to business students.

The minor Doing Business in High-Growth Markets is particularly suitable for students in a Dutch-language programme, as it offers you an inside in the international world of business, no doubt benefitting you when you enter the job market.

Entry requirements

An intake interview with the coordinator to assess your motivation, attitude and English language skills is part of the admission process. As all courses are taught in English, you are expected to have attained English language skills at CEFR level B2. If you are unsure about your level, you can do a (free) written and spoken assessment. Contact the programme coordinator for more information.


International business continues to grow. Companies often start in neighboring countries, but through technology the world has become smaller and companies are looking for opportunities all over the globe. Besides learning about doing business, they have to learn about national and local business cultures and languages, and after completing this programme, you will be able to assist them in this process.

This minor actually lets you study and live in countries that experience high economic growth, allowing for an immersive experience that will boost your knowledge and confidence! During your time at our partner universities, you’ll study local business, culture and language, so that when you return, you know how business is done in these countries and are able to reflect on your experiences and build upon them.

Learning objectives

  • Analyzing patterns in global macro-economic factors and policies that drive international trade and business development.
  • Mitigating the pitfalls of cultural differences in business and social contexts.
  • Using appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication in an intercultural setting.


You will study 10 weeks abroad – in India, China or Brazil – and 10 weeks at HU.

Course Unit Title Content Location ECTS
Doing Business in India, China or Brazil Abroad 5
Language: Hindi, Chinese or Portuguese Abroad 5
The Economy of India, China or Brazil Abroad 5
Foreign Entry Strategy (FES) Preparing a product launch abroad HU 5
Business Project: Organisational Behaviour Organisational structure, culture, HRM, leadership and business ethics HU 5
Business and Culture Gaining in-depth knowledge on behaviour, values and culture at work in contemporary India, China and Brazil, and to be able to turn the gained knowledge into an effective training for future expatriates HU 5


Course Assessment
Doing business in India, China or Brazil Depending on the country, there will be an exam or a report to hand in
Language: Hindi, Chinese or Portuguese Depending on the country, there will be an exam or a report to hand in
Economy of India, China or Brazil Depending on the country, there will be an exam or a report to hand in
Foreign Entry Strategy (FES) An exam and a report
Business Project: Organisational Behaviour A portfolio consisting of several assignments
Business and Culture A portfolio consisting of several assignments


The following literature will be discussed during the minor. You will receive a definite reading list before the start of the minor.

FES: J. Leeman, Export Planning

Business Project: Articles

Business and Culture:

  • Robbins, Judge & Campbell, Organizational Behaviour, (European edition, 2010)
  • Nunez, Nunez, Popma, Intercultural Sensitivity, (3rd edition, 2014)
  • Trompenaars & Hampden Turner, Riding the Waves of Culture, (2nd edition, 2008)
  • Hofstede, Hofstede & Minkov, Cultures and Organizations. Software of the Mind (2010)


The timetable and the teaching days are not yet known. TBD

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