International Health Studies

Deze minor hanteert een wachtlijst. Neem contact op met als de minor vol zit en je op de wachtlijst geplaatst wilt worden. Voor meer informatie, klik hier.


During the minor IHS (International Health Studies), the student develops a multi-cultural perspective by learning the meaning of ethnocentrism and ethno-relativism. Besides that the student is working on intercultural competences like; intercultural communication and health-care explanation models. During the international experience students reflects on his own behaviour within this international context.

The minor is divided in 3 parts. Part 1 is a 6 weeks theoretical education in the Netherlands. The student gets a training for exploring cultures, personal competences, intercultural healthcare elements and ethical reflections.
In the second part, students is going abroad. For 10 weeks (40 days), he will have an international experience within a healthcare setting. The student must arrange this experience by himself. The student will participate and reflects on his functioning.

The last part is a 4 weeks briefing of the international experience. This is at the UAS Utrecht. The student will finish his portfolio.

For more information, see Brochure International health Studies.

Entry requirements

Student must be at least in the 3rd year of the study program. English speaking, reading and writing at B2 level (Havo graduation level). Preferably a student who has completed the propaedeutic phase.