Premaster Economics for Business Students

For whom

If you are a highly-motivated student and you want to continue on to study in one of the Economics graduate programmes at Utrecht University, this pre-master programme is for you! The track is tailor made for ambitious students of Finance & Control, International Business & Management Studies, Finance, Tax & Advice, Financial Services Management, and Business Administration.

After completing this HU-UU pre-masterexcellence track, you may choose one of the following master programmes at Utrecht University: Banking & Finance, Financial Management, International Management, or Business Development & Entrepreneurship. All programmes lead to a Master’s degree in International Economics & Business.

Entry requirements

To gain entry to this excellence programme, you need:

1. EITHER a grade of 7.5 or higher for all of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd year bachelor’s courses OR a GMAT score of at least 600 or GRE score of at least 315. Please note: your scores on ‘verbal’ and ‘quantitative’ in       those tests are particularly important. If you have a test score of 550-599 (GMAT) or 309-314 (GRE) and you can prove exceptional motivation, please contact our programme coordinator.
2. To have passed all your 1st, 2nd and 3rd year courses before the minor start date (1st and 2nd year for IBMS fast track students).
3. Sufficient knowledge of maths.
4. To pass an admission interview at HU.


Utrecht University (UU) School of Economics and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht offer ambitious students the possibility to complete a pre-master track as a minor during their bachelor. The programme prepares you for a wide range of 4 masters’ tracks offered by the UU Graduate School of Economics.

The programme consists of four regular courses, the Applied Economics Research Course, and an additional Mathematics Course taken during the summer. Please note that this is an intensive, full-time master programme.

Learning objectives

After completing the full pre-master Economics for Business Students, you:

  • Will have saved a year, as you’ll have finished your pre-master during your bachelor stage, allowing you to start your master programme in the following September.
  • Will have successfully bridged the gap between University of Applied Sciences and University, as you’ll get additional support tutorials at HU on the courses you take (Corporate Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics). This is something you do not get if you take a pre-master track after graduating from HU.
  • Will have gained gain skills that are very useful in future jobs and studies.


In term A and B, you take four courses (total of 30 EC) at Utrecht University School of Economics: MathematicsMicro EconomicsEconometrics and Macro Economics. Those 30 EC are required to finish your HU Minor and thus graduate at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

In term C, you take the Applied Economics Research Course, which is not required by HU to finish your minor track, but it is an entry requirement for UU’s master programmes. At the end of term C, you start your HU final thesis/internship, which you complete during the summer. After graduating at HU, you can start your UU master programme in September.

Please note: at the end of August you take the one-week Mathematics Summer School which is also part of the track.


Examination of the courses will normally happen through written individual assignments or exams.


The most recent information on course literature can be found through the Utrecht University course catalogue ( by using the following course codes in your search: EC2MAPECB2FINEC2MIPECB2METRIEECB3OKVEHS.


The exact schedule depends on Utrecht University’s schedule. It will be published before the start of the minor programme. This is an intensive, full-time programme.

Additional costs

The only additional cost involved in the pre-master programme is the tuition fee for the mathematics summer course (around €200).