Sport and Entertainment Marketing

​Sport & Entertainment marketing is a subdivision of marketing which focuses both on the promotion of sports, events, games, music and films as the promotion of other products and services through sport and entertainment. Students will work on real-life business cases coming directly from the industry. Through these projects students can apply their theoretical knowledge, provided by the lecturers and guest lecturers, all with a background in the sport & entertainment industry.

The purpose of the program is to introduce students to the business of sport and entertainment (which is a growing aspect of marketing these days), while giving them the opportunity to speak with and learn from top (inter)national professionals in the industry in a professional but relaxed (classroom) environment.
For example: For the project ‘International Exchange Project’ this year students are actively involved in the organization of the KLM Curacao Marathon and as a part of the project most of the students will travel to Curacao to actively participate in the organization of this event.

MC-ENTMAR-16    Entertainment Marketing (Blok B, resp. Blok D) 5 EC
MC-EVENT-16       Event Marketing and Management (Blok A, resp. Blok C) 5 EC
MC-PROJ-16         Project SEM (Blok A, resp. Blok C) 10 EC
MC-INTPERS-16   SEM in International Perspective (Blok B, resp. Blok D) 5 EC
MC-SPOMAR-16   Sport Marketing (Blok A, resp. Blok C) 5 EC

Entry requirements

No entry requirements.