Quest project planning

A Quest project has a total lead time of 1 semester. This is equal to almost half a year with 20 weeks. The 3rd year of the degrees of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management consists of 2 semesters. Every semester has 2 periods, periods A & B and periods C & D.

Every period consists of 10 weeks, i.e. 4 collegeweeks, 1 examweek, followed by 4 collegeweeks and 1 examweek. During the collegeweeks students have scheduled 12 hours (Monday and Tuesday morning) to work on the Quest project. During the last examweekin each period students can work full-time on the Quest project.

The Quest projects will take place two times a year:

  • Quest project semester 5: lead time 20 weeks from September up to and including Januari
  • Quest project semester 6: lead time 20 weeks from Februari up to and including June

In the overview below you will see the activities planned during a Quest project.