Conference topics

The four conference topics of SSC2017 are:

  • The transition (Session 1 & Session 6 of the conference)
    This topic focuses on all the city stocks and flows related to the making, management and renovation of smart sustainable cities. Basic material flows include: transport, green infrastructure, water, waste, energy, built environment, life cycle assessments and materials.
  • Opportunities and innovation (Session 2 & Session 7 of the conference)
    Achieving a ‘smart’ or ‘sustainable’ city demands innovative contributions from the public and private sectors. New business models are needed. This topic is about new forms of entrepreneurship and innovation to contribute to realizing a smart sustainable city.
  • Living well together (Session 3 & Session 8 of the conference)
    Social sustainability is an issue of public value as well as the wellbeing, quality of life and satisfaction of future residents. It is about the relation between sustainable urban development and human/societal needs. It is aimed at fulfilling the needs and wishes of people in a sustainable manner, from the viewpoints and visions of users, residents, policy makers, project developers, and of municipal and higher level governments.
  • Systems in the city (Session 4 & Session 9 of the conference)
    Data about mobility, environment, buildings, energy, health and safety can be combined and used to help cities with viable solutions. Knowledge about behaviour and technology comes together by using big data in governing cities. This topic focuses on the opportunities as well as the implications Big Data have on the privacy of citizens.

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