Partners & Sponsoring

A heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, who are helping to make this SSC2017 conference a success. You can meet them at the Innovation Festival, during lunch and the closing reception. They would love to connect with you.


Partners in ESSENCE

    The project European Sustainable Solutions for Existing and New City Environements (ESSENCE) is a strategic partnership programme in Erasmus+, the European Programme for Education and Training, of five European universities of applied sciences and three regional municipalities. The purpose of ESSENCE is to promote the development of sustainable cities in international cooperation. An international interdisciplinary curriculum has been developed to train students to work on useful solutions for sustainability issues in the urban environment.


Partners in Dutch Association of Professors (of UASs) on Urban Energy (NLP UE)

The Dutch Platform Urban Energy is a partnership of nine universities of applied sciences and the TKI Urban Energy. The platform aims to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable Dutch energy system in the built environment by exchanging knowledge, expertise and practical based research.


    The Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht provides a platform where business professionals and students, lecturers and researchers work together to develop innovative products and services to boost the transition towards smart, sustainable and healthy cities.



TKI Urban Energy supports energy innovations to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, affordable and reliable Dutch energy system in the built environment. More than 250 projects have been started in the past four years. More information on these projects can be found on the website. By promoting cooperation between companies and research organizations, TKI Urban Energy strives to strengthen also economic development of the Dutch companies who work in the field of urban energy.


ROC Midden Nederland is one of the Netherlands’ leading Regional Education and Training Centres for vocational training. In the cities of Utrecht, Amersfoort and Nieuwegein the institute offers 350 different vocational courses in twelve different units. These ‘colleges’ operate close to the market and work in cooperation with companies and other partners. Tech College provides a range of learning tracks for students who are skilled in the development, innovation and application of objects, machinery and equipment (Design & Engineering, Mechatronics/Robotics, Metal); students who ensure that these devices and machines work properly (Installation & Electronic Technology); or students who make sure that machinery and processes can make finished products from raw materials (Process Technology). More information can be found on the website.

LEVE is the platform of professors working at seven Dutch universities of applied sciences, with the mission to contribute to a reliable energy system in the Netherlands in 2030, in which demand and supply are in balance on every time scale. The innovation and human capital agendas of the topsector energy and the partners in their centres of expertise are leading. The website of the platform is ‘under construction’; for contact see SEECE.