Young Professionals Event – Transition Zero Award 2017

Young Professionals Event – Transition Zero Award 2017

Which team develops an action plan that contributes best to the transition towards smart sustainable cities?

The submission for the international Sustainable City competition for the Transition Zero Award 2017 is closed.
Twelve student teams from 5 different countries submitted their plans that contribute to the transition towards smart sustainable cities.

Public voting is closed. The jury has decided. Five nominees and one wild card for the public’s favourite are invited to pitch and compete for the Transition Zero Award 2017:

  • Team 1 Reduce CO2-emissions caused by traffic in Alcoy – Sustainable7
    Stefan Räther (HAW), Isabel Escarabajal (UPV), Katariina Salokannel (TUAS), Koen Schuilenburg (HU UAS), Lennart Pusch (HAW), Sarah Lüder (HAW) and Steffen Müller (HAW)
  • Team 2 Net Zero Energy Housing in Utrecht – Switch to Zero
    Renée van Noort (HU UAS), Trine Rasmussen (TUAS), Tairo Puistaja (TUAS), Alina Pasina (TUAS), Katja Kontturi (TUAS) and Raimon Calabuig Moreno (UPV)
  • Team 3 House Alcoy – Quest Alcoy
    Brett Beerents (HU UAS), Stijn Craghs (HU UAS), Viivi Sydänlammi (TUAS) and Ville Heikkilä (TUAS) 
  • Team 4 Promote cycling in Turku
    Sam van Rouwendaal (HU UAS), Erik Mulder (HU UAS), Bas van Dam (HU UAS), Willemijn van Engelen (HU UAS), Nick Geitel (HU UAS), Marloes Holt (HU UAS), Tapio Kankaanpäa (TUAS) and Liang Rong (TUAS)
  • Team 5 Business Model for Net-Zero Energy Building – Green Business
    J.C. Herbert (HU UAS), Julius Alisaari (TUAS), Santeri Hinkkanen (TUAS), Kim Tervonen (TUAS) and Leonie Wahlmann (HAW)
  • Team 6 (wildcard) Smart Street Light in Saint Petersburg
    Bachuki Tsanava (SPBU), Artem Serebrennikov (SPBU) and Viktor Eremin (SPBU)

The finalists will participate and present their solutions at the international conference ‘Smart Sustainable Cities 2017 – Viable Solutions’, during the Young Professionals Event, on 14 June 2017 (see programme session 5). The winning team will receive a prize of € 3.000 and a commemorative award. For the second and third places, there are prizes of € 1.500 and € 500 respectively.

Join us at the Young Professionals Event of the SSC2017 conference to support the teams and to learn more about their contributions. Don’t forget to register!

Target group

  • Student groups studying (e.g. in a minor) at a University of Applied Sciences. Students from abroad are explicitly invited to submit their projects.
  • Projects that are part of the regular curriculum (for instance in a minor) can be submitted, but extra¬curricular or honours projects are welcome as well.
  • The challenge is, by its nature, particularly suitable for multidisciplinary student groups.

The challenge

Develop an action plan that contributes in a new way to the transition towards smart sustainable cities. The smart sustainable city has to deal with technical, physical, social, cultural, health and economic aspects. How will your solution make a contribution?

  • In the smart sustainable city of the future, people strive to live and work in a healthy, social and entrepreneurial climate that is energy neutral.
  • Plans could be submitted with a broad scope and/or with a special focus, as long as it contributes to an energy neutral city.
    Examples: a transformation towards NET-zero energy of a specific area, or a roadmap towards a circular economy in a city.

Click here for the Call for Projects, containing full information about the Young Professionals Event & the Transition Zero Award 2017.


The jury consists of the following members:

Christoph Maria Ravesloot – chairman
Professor of Innovation Modelling Renewable Energy at Inholland University of Applied Sciences &
Professor Sustainable Building in BIM at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands
Jan Willem van de Groep
Director at Factory Zero and former programme director of Energiesprong and Stroomversnelling, the Netherlands
Carolien van Hemel
Director at Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI), the Netherlands
Tarmo Karhu
Leader of Education and Research in Design at TUAS Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Haico van Nunen
Professor of Upscaling Energyneutral renovation at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


09.00 – 09.25 h Conference registration
10.30 – 10.45 h Introduction of the 6 pitches
10.50 – 11.10 h Pitch 1 & Pitch 2
11.15 – 11.35 h Pitch 3 & Pitch 4
11.40 – 12.00 h Pitch 5 & Pitch 6 (wildcard)
12.05 – 12.25 h Plenary discussion
12.25 – 12.35 h Reaction of the jury
12.35 – 12.40 h Conclusion
12.45 – 13.25 h Lunch

15.45 – 16.15 h Presentation of the Transition Zero Award 2017

Conference fee

Admission to the SSC2017 conference is free and includes access to the conference programme on 14 June including the Young Professionals Event, all documentation, lunch and refreshments. Online registration is necessary.


For any questions about the Young Professionals Event – Transition Zero Award 2017, please contact Caroline Maessen:
T: +31 6 41 61 94 75


Registration will be closed on 22 May 2017.