Here’s what happens when you tell Facebook to stop tracking you


It’s much better at predicting your interests when it tracks you.

It’s no secret Facebook tracks everything you do online, but its privacy policies have been scrutinized in the wake of reports that political data firm Cambridge Analytica exploited the personal information of 50 million users. The ongoing incident has awakened fear about how much data the social network collects on its users.

The primary reason Facebook needs so much information about you is to maximize revenue by more accurately targeting ads. Facebook collects data based on your browsing habits and comes to conclusions about what you’re interested in.

To its credit, Facebook lets users turn ad targeting off, but what actually happens when you do?

To determine what happens when you blindfold Facebook, fellow Daily Dot tech writer Christina Bonnington and I turned off our ad settings and documented the type of promotions that popped up. What we discovered confirms how capable Facebook’s algorithms are (…)



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