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How do I take care of my registration and enrollment? Here you will find information on how to apply for a full-time bachelor’s or associate degree programme.

How do I take care of the tuition fee payment and receive my student card? More information about tuition fee you will find here.

Each academic year you will receive a student card and a declaration of enrolment for the study  programme you are enrolled. At the end of June you will read more on how to receive your student card.


and student card.

Join the introduction of your education – Introduction education A-Z.

Join the introduction of the city Utrecht – Introductions in Utrecht.

During the introduction of the course you will be informed of which group you are assigned to. Students who are not present at the introduction can consult Osiris, the HU educational information system, at the end of August.

At the end of June you will find all the information you’ll need.

Which books/materials do I need for my studies, where can I acquire these and what are the costs?

In July you can order your books via Studystore. Most reading lists will be available in July. However, if your reading list is not yet available, you can leave your e-mail address. You will receive a message as soon as the list is online.

We have the required digital systems to inform and help you. Here is a brief introduction:

HU mail

All students get a personal email address of the HU after their enrolment. With this, you can, among others, communicate with your lecturers and fellow-students. It gives you access to HU systems and your HU mail. You can open your HU e-mailbox via myHU.



myHU is a dashboard app where you’ll find the most essential information related to your studies. The myHU interface consists of tiles. Each tile has its own theme: grades, timetables, notification of teacher’s absence, e-mail, course information and news. Log in to myHU with your HU email address and password.

As a student, you will find that you will follow the same educational cycle for each part of your studies. You will choose to enrol in certain courses, minors, specialisations, etc. To do so, you will be supported by your study career coach. Eventually, you will be examined on what you have learnt – which will give you credits towards your study progress.

Read more on AskHU >>


OSIRIS is the education information system of the HU and stands for Onderwijs en Studenten Informatie, Registratie en Inschrijf Systeem (Education and Student Information, Registration and Enrolment system). Here you register for specific subjects, tests, minors and specialisations. You can see the results and view notes of the supervisor. More about OSIRIS


SharePoint is used to collaborate and to share information. If there are any education team sites of your degree programme and/or institute, you will receive the links via your lecturers.


If you have any questions or you are looking for specific information, then go to search engine

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

At the HU we continuously work on innovations and improvements of the virtual learning environment. Curious about what we are working on and which tools can support your education? See more about the VLE!


Printers than can also scan and copy can be found at central spots in all HU buildings. You can use your OV-chipkaart to add printing credit. You can read how to link and log in on a printer on the HU print portal of Canon.

  • In de checklist onder timetable tekst wijzigen in: You will receive your timetable during the introduction on Tuesday, 28 August 2018.

Where and how can I check my personal timetable and how can I setup my HU e-mail account? At the end of June you will find all the information you need.