HU Campus

Welcome to the HU Campus at Utrecht Science Park (USP) De Uithof

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) works hard on its buildings to provide you with an education that prepares you for the future. This means that, as a HU student, you may need to relocate during the years ahead, but will also be able to make use of the very latest facilities. For example, you can study in the peace and quiet of the HU Library that was opened in January 2017, adding an additional 520 new study spaces at a stroke.

In the new accommodation, students can make use of project rooms where they can work together on assignments in groups. There are also silent study areas, if you prefer to study alone. As a HU student, you will also have classes in new laboratories and practical rooms, working with state-of-the-art resources.

Institute Square

Every HU education Institute has its own recognizable homebase: the institute square. It is an open area where you will meet people from your study programme, students, lecturers and visitors. There is a kitchenette with a coffee machine and printers and you will find a range of places to work and meet, enabling you to work together or individually in peace. You will also encounter students and lecturers from your programme here. You can arrange to meet there and enjoy a coffee or search for a place to work. In the institution squares and the general work and study environment, you will find study spaces with and without PCs. You can also reserve private teaching rooms (project rooms and classrooms) via

Of course, all of these new investments at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht cost money. But the university’s investments in accommodation have all been very sustainable. By building environmentally-friendly buildings with fewer square metres and focusing all activities at Utrecht Science Park, money will ultimately be available for investment in other areas, including additional lecturers. All of this will benefit the education you receive while you are here.

Five HU buildings

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht uses five buildings at the Utrecht Science Park (USP): Padualaan 97 (Education), Padualaan 99 (Nature & Technology), Padualaan 101 (Society & Law), Heidelberglaan 7 (Healthcare) and Bolognalaan 101 (Communication & Journalism). In 2018, the new HU building at Heidelberglaan 15 will be taken into use by the four economic institutes, the Institute for Information & Communication Technology and the institutes for Media and Communication. Until then, these programmes will be based in temporary accommodation at the USP and close to it in Dalton Park.

At HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, teaching rooms and facilities are shared. This means that you may be taught in a different building than where your institute square is located and will encounter students from other courses in your building. For further information about the different HU buildings at USP De Uithof, take a look at the campus magazine.

Food and drink

Food court at Padualaan 101

Padualaan 101 is the place to go for a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options based on a unique food & beverage concept: the HU food court. At the food court, three different food & beverage businesses sell their wares. You can enjoy the Vietnamese sandwich rolls and salad rolls at Hoi Anh, savour soups and freshly-made sandwiches at Zenwich Café and eat hot food from the Big Green Egg at STREAT.

Restaurants at Padualaan 97, Bolognalaan 101 and Daltonlaan 500

At Padualaan 97, Bolognalaan 101 and Daltonlaan 500, you will find Sodexo restaurants offering an extensive range of drinks, sandwiches and hot and cold snacks.

Kiosk Heidelberglaan 7

In the central hall at Heidelberglaan 7, there is a kiosk selling light takeaway meals. It offers a range of snacks, basic lunches or top-quality coffee from the self-service espresso machine. You can take a seat in the central hall or outside in Cambridgelaan, or take your food or drink away with you.

Science café Het7de

V.V.S. study associations Uranymus (study association for the Institute for Life Sciences & Chemistry) and Paramedus (Faculty of Healthcare study association) together operate the science café Het7de. This café is located next to the entrance to Heidelberglaan 7. Open daily, it offers students and staff fresh coffee, other hot and cold beverages and alcoholic drinks and snacks including toasted sandwiches (also vegetarian).

Science café Het Proeflokaal

Science café Het Proeflokaal is operated by the study associations Ingenium Cabo Bianci (IED), Utrechtse Technische Vereniging (FNT), Codex (IVR) and Vesta (IVK). It is a place to meet for everyone. It serves coffee, sandwiches and hosts drink receptions, parties and events. Het Proeflokaal is located at the front of Padualaan 99, near the entrance.

Vending machines

Vending machines are located in the central hall of each building, serving hot and cold drinks and refreshments.