Introductions in Utrecht

In August you will start the new phase in your life: studying!

OF COURSE you choose Utrecht: keep 13 to 17 August free in your diary!

The Utrecht Introduction Time, in short UIT, is the general introduction to the city of Utrecht for all prospective students. During this general introduction to the city you get the chance to get to know your fellow students, the educational institutions, the student organisations and of course the city of Utrecht itself, together with 4,200 other first-year students.

The UIT is a wonderful week when you will become familiar with all aspects of student life. It is the preeminent start of your student life in Utrecht where there’s something for everyone. Discover well-known and lesser known spots and get to know one of the approx. 150 Utrecht study, social, sports, arts and culture associations. After the UIT you will be completely familiarised with Utrecht!

Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands! All under the wings of a mentor who knows the city through and through. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with the city as much as us during the UIT from 13 to 17 August 2018!