Agenda February – March 2024

Agenda February – March 2024

Start February with a free havercappuccino at the Hide Out (Heidelberglaan 15, USP). This free coffee event is part of a special day in the Netherlands: Hot sweater day. A special day to raise awareness. Get to know more about this campaign on this page.

Give your items a second life and let other people fix them for you. Come to the Repair café every first Tuesday of the month. Please note: new location in the Caroline Bleekers building, Sorbonnelaan 4.

On February 6 you will pay with cigarette butts at the Wastebar and on February 15 Andrik Becht will tell us all about climate anxiety. Apply for Green Talks here.

Potluck event – Meet and greet March 5

On the 5th of march we organize a big potluck from 6 till 8 o’clock. This is the perfect moment to get to know each other and enjoy international food, from the whole world! We arrange the drinks.

If you want to join this event or keep updated fill in the form.

Keep an eye on our Instagram for the latest updates regarding the events and don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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