Green Office HU

Green Office HU


Hi International Students, 

Welcome to the Netherlands and the Utrecht Science Park! 

Do you want to know more about Sustainability at the HU /Science Park, then come and join our activities and ideas. We are team of 7 students and a coordinator who run the Green Office of the Hogeschool Utrecht.

Green Office HU is the platform for sustainability in education and research. We raise awareness amongst students and staff about the Sustainable Development Goals. We do this by informing, inspiring and activating people with positive energy!

You can join all our activities for free and we are here to connect and work together on a more sustainable future!


HU strives for an educational community where students and employees work together on a sustainable future in an economic, ecological and social sense. Green Office HU is committed to embedding a sustainable future in the education and research of Hogeschool Utrecht, but also among HU staff and students. Green Office does this by informing, inspiring and activating people.

Green Office HU offers a platform for students and staff to transfer information on sustainability, to realize HU’s own sustainability ambitions and to work together. to sustainability.

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