Active in the city!

1.    Substance

  1. Who is looking for more substance can visit Studium generale, most of these will be in Dutch Studium Generale van de UU you can also go to the lectures by Studentenvereniging voor Internationale Betrekkingen (SIB-Utrecht).

3.    Studentorganisations

  1. Utrecht and Amersfoort have many opportunities to grow. For instance by becoming active in a board or committee. Within the HU there are a large arey of study associations that have fun activities but also activities that add substance to your study program. They do this for instance with guest lectures, workshops and excursions.
  2. Utrecht has a large array of student associations, studentsport- associations, music association and more for instance religious associations, multicultural association and organisation with (social) entrepreneurship. Many associations are joined in several domains like FUG, BOCS, the sport council and the KOSMU.
  3. The university of Utrecht and the HU have a common policy fort he facilitation of student organisations. That is why there is a external website for them (not available in English een gezamenlijke (externe) website) this site contains information with the several forms of facilitation and help available. These include subsidies, scholarships and meeting spaces.

7.    for the students

  1. In partivipation, at the local union VIDIUS or the youth department of a political party you can avocate studentsinterests. Utrecht has a local party focusing on students and starters: Student&Starter. Also the national uniuns have their offices in Utrecht, do you think education should improve or that laws should change? Become active with the: LSVbor ISO.

9.    socially active

  1. Several organisations in the city offer the chance to students to work in social products. One of those organisations isde Academie van de Stad. Academy if the city offers the possibility to work on a number of challenges in the city with professional clients. Students support language and integration courses, coach over a 100 primary and secondary- school students, they build up and improve gardens and areas, create creative concepts or do research in activities on youth, education, safety living, integrating, participating, work and economy, and city improvement. By participating in these projects you get the chance to have relevant experience in the workfield, add to your cv and even get ECTS or discount on your rent. And most importantly you add to the life of the city and the development of it!