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Welcome to the site www.activestudents.hu.nl !

An active student culture ads to the quality of education, the development of a university and a livable and lively city. All the information you need, to add to this, is on this website!

As a student you can be active besides your study program in many ways! At the university of applied sciences Utrecht (HU) and in the city of Utrecht. You can add to the rich student culture on your own way, with your values, qualities and background. You don’t just enrich your own student life, you can also help others with it. And as a result you will also help the city of Utrecht and the HU.

One option is to become a member of a study program committee, they advise on the quality of the education of your study program. You can also become a member of a study(student)association. They organize activities all around education of your study program. You can also become active in one of the many student organizations that are active in the city. Besides traditional associations there are a large array of organizations around music, internationalization, sports and entrepreneurship.

Discover the opportunities and chances on this website!

For students who are already active: you can find all sorts of documents and information on this website! Do you gave a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us: studentparticipatie@hu.nl.