What’s in it for me

Team studentparticipation facilitates a large range of workshops and training for (and by) all active students at the HU. Besides that there are also possibilities for workshops that suit you.

In an academic year there are 4 workshop moment:

  • Autumn Course
    In the end of September all active students in participation and HU studyassociasions come together with a one day course. This is meant to start of your active year with a boost of energy and knowledge. The autumn Course usually takes place on a Friday between 1 p.m. and 9p.m..
  • Winter Course
    Once you’re all settles in we will have an entire weekend with 110 students! A weekend with workshops, opdates networking and Dutch ‘gezelligheid’. The Witntercourse is usulally on a Saturday and Sunday at the end of November.
  • Spring Course
    In march/april there is a one day trainingcourse on a Friday between 1 p.m. and 9 p.m.. the activities will surround current events and questions surrounding active students!
  • Summer Course
    During may there are (by) elections for the participation councils. Just before the some new members of these councils have a one day course, including discussieng topics the councils have been busy with.
  • Besides all these moments there are posibilities to get workshops and training in your council or studyassociasion.
  • These trainings includeL
  • HU basics: SPCS
  • HU basics: Institute councils.
  • Other workshops are currently only offered in Dutch, but ofcourse we want our English students to also have the oppurtunity to learn about everythinbg, because of that the workshops on the Course’s are discussed with youguys, so that you get the workshop you want!


Attending the courses and workshop is free and is offered to you by the HU. For further questions: studentparticipatie@hu.nl.