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HU, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The ATEE Winter Conference 2018 was organised by the Archimedes Institute from the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The HU is an ambitious university in dynamic surroundings. As a university of applied sciences, the HU provides education and conducts research. Archimedes is the teacher training faculty of the University. See for more information the website of HU: www.english.hu.nl

Academic Committee ATEE Winter Conference 2018

  1. Michiel Heijnen, Program manager educational innovation at HU
  2. Bijay Dhungana, Vice President of ICEFIL
  3. Miranda de Hei, Researcher and Lecturer at HU
  4. Stan van Ginkel, Researcher and Lecturer at HU
  5. Marga van Etten, Researcher and Lecturer at HU
  6. Miroslava Cernochova, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  7. Davide Parmigiani, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  8. Sirkku Männikkö Barbutiu, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  9. Diane Tremayne, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  10. Devraj Paneru, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  11. Giuseppina Rita Mangione, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  12. Monique Leygraaf, RDC: Education for Social Justice, Equity & Diversity
  13. György Mészáros, RDC: Education for Social Justice, Equity & Diversity
  14. Paul Hopkins, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
  15. Kay Livingston, RDC: Professional Development of Teachers
  16. Karl Attard, RDC: Professional Development of Teachers

Organisation Committee ATEE Winter Conference 2018

  1. Mariagrazia Tagliabue, ATEE
  2. Cécile van Hattem, Project Leader
  3. Marianne Konings, Project Coordinator, Innovation Lab HU
  4. Rosanne Engberts, Communication and Press
  5. Esther Bergé, Communication



ATEE, the Association for Teacher Education is a non-profit European organization, whose aim is enhancing the quality of Teacher Education in Europe and supporting the professional development of teachers and teacher educators at all levels.
The ATEE tries to reach its aim through active dialogue and international exchange of research and practice in initial and in-service teacher education. ATEE’s members come from a wide variety of countries within Europe and beyond. As a result, the ATEE is a multicultural association with a wide expertise on the various fields of teacher education. For more information on ATEE in general please check the website: www.atee1.org


RDC’s (Research and Development Communities) involved in ATEE Winter Conference 2018

  • Teacher Education & Digital Technology, RDC: Teacher Education & Digital Technology
    Contact: Miroslava Cernochova and Davide Parmigiani
  • Refugee Education, RDC: Education for Social Justice, Equity & Diversity
    Contact: Monique Leygraaf and György Mészáros
  • RDC: professional development of teachers
    Contact: Karl Attard and Kay Livingston

For more information on the RDC’s, please go to the website: www.atee1.org/research-development-communities

Contact us

If you have questions, please contact the organisation committee at atee2018utrecht@hu.nl