Partners of the ATEE Winter Conference 2018

Perfect Storm
Before they founded The PerfectStorm, Keimpe de Heer and Frank Evers worked together in various settings to foster innovation in education. They noticed the missing link in most schools was togetherness and effective collaboration. Teamwork with focus from different angles. They came up with the idea of combining the best proven essentials in educational innovation into one exiting learning experience where teams work on their own innovation, supported by the worlds most appreciated innovators and entrepreneurs. For the third year in a row, The PerfectStorm 2018 collaborative conference is build around design thinking as a process for leading creative progress, learning design with a focus on deep learning and the use of student centered technology. For more information please go to the website:


ICEFIL is an International consortium of leading Universities and other Institutions dedicated to advancing the use and impact of innovative learning. ICEFIL provides a collaborative sharing platform (to our members) to deliver innovative products and services developed and field-tested for the education communities including Universities, School Boards, Research Groups, UN Organizations, International NGO’s plus others. For more information please go to the website: