Short report of the Teacher Hub

Teacher HUB, CARPE conference, Hamburg, 16.11.2017



The aim of the Teacher HUB was to facilitate a platform for teachers to exchange ideas and discuss topics of their interest within teaching and learning. It was carried out as four tracks, concentrating on Digitalization, RDI and Education, Internationalization of Curriculum and Enhanced Teacher Exchange.

The sessions gathered a nice number of participants, and the discussions were lively. All tracks made up a Padlet-site, where all presentations, comments and development ideas were added (see In one of the sessions also students participated, which truly gave an added value for the discussion. It seems that the teachers from the participating universities are very open to new ideas and gladly share their own practices. This is a good starting point for developing cooperation within the educational field.

However, the next step is needed to really get to the point that the teachers cooperate, for example run a mutual online course or design mutual material for their courses. Therefore, fora, such as the Teacher HUB, are needed to further facilitate the encounters, new acquaintances and idea exchange. Strategic networks, such as CARPE, are valuable tools for organizing the opportunities for teachers to take the step forward. Strategic networks develop towards cooperation and alliances within education, this having an impact on the quality and survival of the institutions involved. (see OECD, 2017).

Finally, the atmosphere at the Teacher HUB was relaxed and innovative. This is exactly what is needed if we want to develop something together on the European level and for the asset of each participating institution. We are looking forward to jointly bring the Teacher HUB to the next level. Thank you Hamburg and HAW and see you again!

Minna Scheinin
Head of Future Learning Design
Turku University of Applied Sciences

Erik Hasenack
Programme Manager Educational Innovation Support
HU University of Applied Sciences

Rachel Forsyth
Associate Head Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Manchester Metropolitan University

Author: Minna Scheinin, Head of Future Learning Design, Turku University of Applied Sciences
Pictures: Oliver Blang
Concept/Editing: Dr. Katharina Jeorgakopulos

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