Centre for Study Choice

We are sorry to inform you that the Centre for Study Choice has closed its doors in the current setting.

Students at Hogeschool Utrecht
From october 1st you can find us through ‘ask hu’ and visit us for our new online tools, workshops or coaching in bachelor-, master- en minorchoice.

Students at Utrecht University
For a Quick Scan, information about choosing, programs and workshops: http://students.uu.nl/studiekeuze

About Centre for Study Choice

The advisors at the Centre for Study Choice give advice about choosing a (other) Bachelor, Master or Minor. Are you, or have you been the past year, a student at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) or Universiteit Utrecht (UU) and having doubts about the programme you have chosen? Or are you interested in finding out more about (other) Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees?


Individual advisory session
Through personal, autonomous guidance we can help you in your choosing process. For more awareness on your interests, study requirements, personality and qualities you can make use of tests and personal exercises. We work by appointment only.

In an advisory session of 20 minutes we discuss your question(s) and together we determine what would help you in your decision-making process. Sometimes a follow-up session is advisable. If you decide for a follow-up session we charge 25 euro’s for one, two or three individual sessions of 30-45 minutes.



Are you studying elsewhere?
Please send an email asking to schedule a session of 45 minutes. Make sure to include your phone number so that we can give you a call. For this session we charge 125 euro, to be payed by pin at the end of the first session. An interest-test is included as also some personal exercises to help you in awareness of interests. Should you decide that you would like a second appointment of 30 to 45 minutes, this is also included in the price.