Lotte | 3rd-year student, Australia

“I have never been the type to stay in one place for too long. Living abroad has always been an urge of mine, which is why I was extremely excited to hear that studying abroad for one semester was part of the Creative Business study program. Australia was my first choice for my minor because I thought why not travel as far as possible if I get offered the chance?⁠⠀
Studying at Monash University was quite the experience in itself, considering that the Caulfield campus alone is home to about 15.000 students. With a food court that was bigger than those of most shopping malls, its very own movie theatre, about 5 libraries, a concert hall and many more buildings, it often felt like a separate little city. The enormous size of the campus sometimes could also be very overwhelming and anonymous and at times I felt a bit lost. Luckily, Australians are extremely warm, welcoming and love to help. ?⁠⠀
Living in Melbourne is very fun because not only is this city extremely multicultural, which almost always made it impossible to choose a location to eat at, but it was also named the world’s most livable city for 7 years in a row – and for a reason! Melbourne loves its events and I never ran out of things to discover or do. From underground gigs, food markets, concerts and sporting events, my weeks were filled with exciting plans.⁠⠀
I was lucky enough to also travel a bunch during my time in Australia which ultimately created some of my most cherished memories which I wouldn’t trade for anything! ?”⁠⠀

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