Melanie | 4th-year student, Ireland

I studied a semester in International Business at Waterford Institute of Technology, where I did courses in Human Resource Management, Management Skills, International Trade Law, and more. Following the International Trade Law course, in particular, was extremely difficult because we had to memorize all kinds of laws about patents, copyright, and also, I’ve got to admit, my lecturer had a very thick Irish accent!?? Altogether, it was a challenging time for me but I studied hard and managed to pass every course! It was also very different from the HU because most of the exams were written. ⁠⠀
In the weekends I used to travel with my friend. We wanted to go all across Ireland but we both didn’t have our driver’s license, and trains are not ideal! Luckily buses do go to big cities such as Cork, Dublin, Belfast! So, we went there a couple of times and it was absolutely amazing. There were always people playing songs on the streets, the pubs were always filled with people and joy, and it was just a good environment to be in. The country is absolutely gorgeous, too! ⁠⠀
It was always my dream to go abroad. Even though the reality wasn’t as rose-colored as I expected it to be, I still had a wonderful time and Ireland will always have a special place in my heart.”⁠⠀

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