Loviisa Vähävuori | Founder of Näpp

Loviisa Vähävuori is a 4th year student at Creative Business. She has always had a passion for children and whenever possible she would work as a babysitter. She noticed how many international families were in need of finding a person that speaks their native language. That’s when she knew she could make a change. She was the first one to conquer the status quo within Creative Business, she went beyond her comfort zone, and became an entrepreneur. Today we are talking to her to find out more about the story behind her company, Näpp.

A: Tell us about your Creative Business experience.

L: It’s been great so far! I have to admit that here at Creative Business I was able to meet people that became my family very quickly. Even though we come from different cultures, we get along so well and we have common hobbies due to the study we chose. Also, the lecturers at this programme are incredible, I admire them so much. We gain hands-on experience through the classes and they are very versatile. Honestly speaking, at the beginning I did not really see the purpose of all the classes, but slowly I started seeing how I was applying in real life all the information learned.

A: How did Creative Business inspire you to create your own company?

L: In our 2nd-year we had an Entrepreneurship course. As a school project, we had to come up with a business idea and create its strategic planning on implementation. I never really dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. Now that I think back at it, I feel like this has always been my path – I was always supposed to be an entrepreneur in reality. Creative Business pushed me in the right direction and I am super grateful for it.

A: How did Creative Business support you in your endeavours regarding your own company?

L: After the school project finished, I knew that such a company was much needed on the market. I did not want to stop there. The next step in my studies was to follow an internship to gain practical experience. This was exactly what I needed, enough time to fully devote to my ‘to-be company’. I was the first one in Creative Business to change ‘the rules’. This programme is permissive and it helps you reach your best potential. We went out of the box and I did my internship at my own company. This is when the company took form.

A: Tell us about your company. 

L: My company is called Näpp and it was founded in July 2018. Since then we took big steps: I found a co-founder and since then we reached over 100 babysitters and over 20 matches with families that happily collaborate with the babysitters on the platform.

A: ‘Final words that you’d like to share with the young entrepreneur readers”

L: At the beginning I was unsure of this company, but my partner told me something that I won’t forget too soon. This piece of advice is to anybody who is stuck on an idea, but does not have the guts to ‘go for it’How would you feel like if you see 5 years from now that somebody else has a company with the exact same concept as yours and is successful? If it makes you angry, then go for it. Make it happen. Make sure that successful company is yours.

Also, if you are a Creative Business student here, at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, then keep in mind that you’ll be supported. Get out of your comfort zone and do it. Just go for it, because you won’t lose any time or money. If it works, congratulations; if it doesn’t, you tried and learned!

Are you looking for a babysitter or want to become one?

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