Michelle,  Creative Business Honours Student

Michelle, Creative Business Honours Student

Looking back, I still can’t believe how much I’ve actually learned in the past two years of Creative Business. Even though I’m still figuring out in which exact direction I want to go in the future, I’m proud of the steady fundament of knowledge and skills I could build here. ⁠

Creative Business enabled me so many opportunities in the professional field, but also to grow as an individuum. Especially the Honours program, through which I came to the position of a Student Ambassador, exceeded all my expectations – I love to have the freedom of choosing my own projects and courses that interest me, next to my study. ⁠
Another thing I love is the unique international environment of the programme with so many like-minded students and teachers from all over the world. Everyone’s global orientation, creative thinking, and open-mindedness are an enrichment I wouldn’t easily have found somewhere else.⁠

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