Studying Abroad is Not as Scary as it Seems

Studying Abroad is Not as Scary as it Seems


Hi! Miruna here. I am a 1st year student at Creative Business. What I can say as an international student is that I know that leaving all behind and deciding to move to a completely new country might be a difficult decision to make. And scary at the same time…But just know, we have all been there! I was really motivated to get my degree abroad and to experience life in a different way rather than what I was used to, so I knew that was the right decision for me. Today I’d like to share with you a few reasons why studying and living abroad is not as scary after all. Believe us on this! ?


Same chapter, same page


Guess what? You are not the only international student here at CB or in Utrecht. From day one, you will see how many nationalities will be only in your classroom. Is it 5, is it 10? You will see soon enough. ? There is comfort in knowing that you are not the only one going through the same stuff. From all the practical things as cooking, groceries, getting your BSN at the municipality to missing your family and friends. There is for sure a feeling of connection there. We were all a bit lost in the beginning, right? Trying to figure out our new life. And being lost not only in that way…those first days in HL15.


New friends – new, new, new


I still remember how difficult it was for me to leave my home, family and friends and all that was familiar and comfortable. When I look back, the first weeks in The Netherlands were a bit hard, confusing, hectic and I already felt homesick. Now I know it was firstly a cultural shock, then a big change. So just give it time to get used to everything. Luckily, in the first weeks and months you will be busy with university, getting used to the city and other practical matters. So, just remember: it’s something totally new for you, try and enjoy it as much as you can, give yourself the time you need to get used to living in The Netherlands, make new friends and reach out to your study coach, classmates, friends or family in case you need any help or advice.




In conclusion, moving and studying in a new country can have its more difficult parts: homesickness, cultural shock, feeling like you don’t belong. But we know that every big change makes us uncomfortable and of course, involves some sacrifices. If one or two years ago while I was in Romania, my home country, studying abroad seemed so scary and hard, now, after a year of living abroad, I know. I know that I don’t have to be afraid, there are people who go through the same things as I am and I should give myself time to get used to the big changes.


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