security on HU mail: Take action now for private devices

Security for HU email is being tightened. This can have possible consequences for the use of HU email on private computers and private smartphones. It may mean that you will no longer be in a way to receive mail. We advise you to switch to the Microsoft Outlook app to continue your mail or use the decision aid

More secure 
HU uses Microsoft 365 for email traffic. Microsoft is going to make a security adjustment. This will put an end to the support of logging with ‘Basic Authentication’ (that is, transmission of the username and password combination) .¬† Due to this security adjustment, Mail apps will no longer be able to receive mail after this security adjustment. For some smartphones, it may mean that you have remove your account and login again with your account in order receice email.

Our advice for your private device (smartphone and laptop)

Use the Microsoft Outlook app for your mail. This app fits best with the HU email. If you do not yet use this app and do not install it on time, there is a very good chance that you will no longer receive HU mails on your current mail app. Don’t want to use an app? Then use Outlook via the browser on your smartphone.

To help you, a decision aid has been made,click and read what you can do:

If you already use Outlook, then nothing will change for you and you do not have to adjust anything.

Outlook for Apple IOS

Outlook for Android

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