Distance education

Livestream with Teams Live Events

Do you want to stream a scheduled lesson for more than 200 students? This can be made possible with a Live Event in MS Teams.

What is Teams Live Event?

With an Event within MS Teams you can stream a lesson to a large group of viewers. The difference with a Teams meeting is that the speaker talks, and the viewers only watch. There is less interaction, although viewers can ask questions through the Q&A. You use Teams Meetings for a small-scale, cooperative setting. You mainly use Live Events for situations in which you want to present to a large group, without them appearing on screen or talking back.

For Whom?

This functionality is only available for classes scheduled in a lecture hall for more than 200 students. You can only hold an event at the time of your scheduled class.

How do I organize this?

Do you teach more than 200 students? Always make a request via the application form.

HUvideo will schedule the Live Event for you. Because we can technically handle up to 15 Live Events at the same time, your time slot may be occupied. So please try to make your request on time.

After your request, you will automatically receive an invitation to the Event, which will then automatically appear in your MS Teams Calendar. In the invitation you will find a link to the live stream that you can share with your viewers. Here you can read how to share the link.

It is sensible to be with at least two speakers / teachers, so that the roles can be divided:

  1. The Producer: He or she starts and stops the event and moderates the Q&A (chat function for viewers). Read more about this role here.
  2. The Presenter: Will be able to fully focus on the presentation. There may be several presenters who speak in succession. Read more about this role here.

If you decide to do the Live Event alone, you automatically get the role of Producer.

And after that?

HUvideo saves the recording of the lesson to the MAM (Media Asset Management). The recording is stored securely and GDPR-proof. After recording, the recording is immediately available via the HUvideo button within Canvas. Here you can find more information about the MAM. It may take up to 5 business days for the video to be processed.

De spreker/docent met producent-rol kan het Q&A rapport downloaden en delen met studenten. De download vind je onder “Live Event Resources” in de Live Event uitnodiging in je Teams Calendar.


This is a useful link to share with your viewers: Attending an event.

You can open the Live Event well in advance of the scheduled start, so that you can prepare everything and start practicing.

Make sure to always share your screen or camera, otherwise you cannot go live.

You can switch speakers during the Live Event. However, all speakers must be mentioned in the request.

Mute your microphone if you are not presenting. The microphones of both the producer and all speakers can be heard in the live stream, even if they are not in the picture at the time!

The Q&A is on by default, but you can switch it off during the Live Event. Discussion questions must be approved before they become visible to viewers. By selecting and answering discussion questions, you create a “frequently asked questions” document that you can share with students afterwards. Here you can see how to moderate a discussion.

The Meeting Chat is only visible to the Presenter and Producer, not to the viewers.

Call the ICT helpdesk for support during office hours: 088 481 6666.


For a lesson through MS Teams Events, the same guidelines regarding copyright laws apply as for other recordings. Click here for more information.