Living Library

Living Library

Living Library

Tuesday 27 September between 13.30 and 16.00 in the HU Library, Padualaan 99 Utrecht

Do you fancy enriching encounters? Then come to the Living Library, a proven concept that originated in Denmark. In the Living Library you don’t read books, but interesting life stories of people that you might not easily talk to in daily life.

Living Library brings people into contact with each other in order to investigate and combat prejudice. Just like in an ordinary library, where books provide access to unknown worlds, the Living Library also offers the opportunity to step into the experience of the other. It is an encounter, where the conversation can go in any direction, but the title of the living book (for example: trans woman, congenital brain injury, man with autism) forms the basis for the conversation. It’s meant to be real dialogue. The reader and the book can ask each other anything, as long as it is done with respect! Every conversation can have a big impact. The quality of the conversation is very important.

Practical information:

The HU Library organizes this Living Library for students and employees of the HU and for other interested parties on Tuesday afternoon, September 27, 2022 from 13.30-16.00.

The event is free, registration is not necessary, but booking a place is handy. There is free entry; walk in between 13.30 and 15.30 to talk to one or more Living Books. Calls last 20-30 minutes and the last calls start at 3:40 PM. Upon arrival you will receive coffee, tea and something delicious and you can indicate which book(s) you would like to discuss.

If you want to participate as a Living Book, please register with Carla van Oostrum,