Looking back at conference ‘Smart Sustainable Cities 2017 – Viable Solutions’

The conference ‘Smart Sustainable Cities 2017 – Viable Solutions’ was held on 14 June 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Over 250 participants from all over Europe attended the conference. Based on the positive reactions (appreciation score: 8,1 out of 10) we can look back on a successful event.

The overall theme of the day was ‘Smart Sustainable Cities – Viable Solutions’, covering four conference topics: ‘the transition’, ‘opportunities and innovation’, ‘living well together’ and ‘systems in the city’. The plenary programme had a line-up of inspiring keynote speakers: Jan Bogerd (chairman of the Executive Board of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht), Thomas Rau (a famous Dutch ecological architect), Maarten Hajer (distinguished Professor of Urban Futures at Utrecht University), Ivo Opstelten (Professor of New Energy in the City at HU UAS) and Andy van den Dobbelsteen (Professor of Climate Design and Sustainability of Delft University of Technology). The conference was chaired by Talitha Muusse, Social Entrepreneur.

In addition, there were 10 parallel sessions featuring over 20 presentations with inspiring ideas about the smart sustainable city of the future. One of these sessions as the Young Professionals Event (YPE), in which six student teams competed for the Transition Zero Award 2017. The three winners received their prizes (respectively 3.000, 1.500 and 500 euros) from Marjan Hammersma (Secretary General at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences) on the main stage. During the closing reception attendees could visit the Innovation Festival involving innovating projects like the Hyperloop (Delft University of Technology) and the self-driving bus simulator from Wageningen University or join the guided tour to the Energy Lab and the Energy Roof.

The conference photos

Click here to take a look at pictures taken during the conference.

Keynote speeches

Imagining the Post-Fossil city (Hajer)
Future Smart Sustainable Cities and the role of UASs (Opstelten)
The new resilient city (van den Dobbelsteen)

Session presentations

Session 6 The tranistion
6-P1 Energy transition and disruption (Croon)
6-P2 Smart building industry (Kamphuis and Laterveer)
6-P3 Utrecht without natural gas (Bloemheuvel, van de Klundert and Rietbergen)

Session 7 Living well together
7-P1 Regional textile recycling in Finland (Heikkila)
7-P2 Smart ans sustainable Skanssi area (Osterberg)
7-P3 Let’s talk energy (Klarenbeek)
7-P4 Zero energy campus HU (Smets)

Session 8 Opportunities and innovation
8-P1 Reduce waste in hospitality sector in Manchester (Baines)
8-P2 Learning in-company (Jongen and Noordermeer)
8-P3 Circularity in city life (Vreeswijk and Rosen Jacobson)
8-P4 Selficient (Timmermans and Jansma)

Session 9 Systems in the city
9-P2 Mobil smart city Alcoi (Torregrosa Lopez)
9-P3 Smart solar charging (van Sark)
9-P4 Smart mobility service solution in Turku (Aaltonen)


1. Morning programme SSC2017
(Talitha Muusse /Jan Bogerd / Thomas Rau / Maarten Hajer

2. Afternoon programme SSC2017
(Talitha Muusse / Ivo Opstelten)

3. Final Afternoon programme SSC2017
(Talitha Muusse / Marjan Hammersma / Andy van den Dobbelsteen)