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Students: 21st Century Skills Smart Sustainable Cities

In a world where change is the constant factor, learning will never stop. All students today have to get the knowledge and skills needed to handle changes and challenges in the future. Students are educated for professions in business, community and government that at this moment still aren’t defined. It is not possible to divine what kind of professions the emerging future needs – but it is well defined which skills are needed to deal with a changing world. Those are the so-called 21st-century skills.

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Those 21st Century skills in the Minor course Smart Sustainable Cities, you’ll find in the way of Thinking, Working, Living and Tools, referring education (http://www.p21.org/about-us/p21-framework).
In the ESSENCE learning environment four generic types of learning processes are distinguished: Know, Review, Practice and Act. Those learning processes can be related to the 21st Century skills as mentioned above.

KNOW: Learners aim at understanding theoretical concepts, doing exercises and simulations “constructed, acquisition”. It is about Thinking.Critical thinking, problem-solving with help of creativity, system-thinking

ACT: Learners are becoming part of the community and are learning on the job in the full complexity of a city environment “realistic, participation”. This acting is about working. Teamwork, viable solutions for real live projects, international communication

REVIEW: Learners learn by reflective practice “acquisition, realistic”. It is about Living. to be an European citizen, local problems with global solutions, responsibility for your living environment, including social responsibility, cultural awareness and competences

PRACTICE: Learners practice and work in a safe environment “constructed, participation”. It is about how you use your tools. The use of information and communication technology (digital learning platform), finding and using knowledge all over the world, tools to realize cities fit for the future.

Within the Essence coursematerial online, you can find the references to those processes to Know, to Review, to Practice or to Act. You can recognize the process with the next icons:

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The Essence course on Sustainable Cities, in which you learn about European Solutions for New and Existing City environments, make use of advanced entrepreneurial skills, quality management of project work and results, stakeholder analysis, life Cycle Analysis, creativity and innovation, international teamwork  and social responsibilities. You can find examples of projects (hyperlink)  and other supporting courses (hyperlink) elsewhere on this page. The projects is a real life challenge, defined by a European City government. With your team you will bring knowledge and skills together, aiming a better city life. You do so in an international context with the help of information and communication technology: the digital learning environment. This learning environment is based on Moodle, and fit for blended learning, the optimal balance between online information and face-to-face educationframework blended learning