About Essence

CARPE-ESSENCE strategic partnership aims to achieve employability, skills for new business creation, active participation of young people in society and an increased sense of initiative and (social) entrepreneurship. ESSENCE Stands for European Sustainable Solutions for Existing and New City Environments. HU works with the four other European higher education institutions from the CARPE network (Valencia, Turku, Manchester, Hamburg) and three regional governments (Utrecht, Alcoi, Turku) as part of an Erasmus KA2 project.

The purpose of the project ESSENCE is international cooperation in order to promote the development of sustainable cities, wherein an interdisciplinary teaching program is developed. In addition, students will work on behalf of three local governments on useful solutions to sustainability issues in the urban environment. New and innovative teaching methods will be applied such as MOOC, e-learning and blended learning.

The didactic approach is well matched to the EU Higher Education Institutes (HEI) Modernization Agenda. Special attention is paid to entrepreneurship and the encouragement to develop start-ups. The shared vision on sustainable cities between HEIs and regional authorities is essential in ESSENCE. Thus, young professionals are trained to be able to contribute to achieving sustainable cities.











Read more about the needs, topics of the project and the targetgroups of the project by clicking on the links. Questions about ESSENCE can be addressed by contacting the project management.