Course SSC 2016

In 2016 it was possible to join the course Smart Sustainable Cities (30 ECTS). This course is a Minor program about realizing sustainable cities. Cities are expanding and growing all over the world. In 2050, 80% of the world population will be living in a city. We want our cities to be places of high quality, where people can live and work, all within the earth’s carrying capacity. It is a real challenge to ensure that a city fits the needs of its inhabitants and offers smart solutions for dealing with materials, energy, food and transport necessary to fulfill those needs. How can we transform our cities to healthy living environments?  To do so you have to know about people, planet and profit. Yet, technical hurdles are not the main bottlenecks to achieving a smart sustainable city; experts and professionals can deal with the technical part to a large extent. It is necessary to let experts communicate and collaborate with one another and with stakeholders, in order to not only design, but also to implement and to make use of sustainable solutions, that obviously, must also be economically sound. The final goal is to create together a truly smart sustainable city.

Learn in a modern way. Make use of the Essence learning environment on internet. Work together and discuss with international peers from other European Universities of Applied Sciences, and use your creativity and entrepreneurial skills to find solutions for real life challenges in existing cities. Have contact with municipalities and pitch in real life your solutions.

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