The project partners in ESSENCE are five Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s) and three municipalities. The HEI’s are partners in CARPE (Consortium on Applied Research and Professional Education), first of this kind in the field of Applied Sciences in Europe, started in 2011. CARPE aims at connecting education and research with their regions to increase social and economic value of the knowledge that they create. The eight partners are:

• Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany (HAW),
• HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands (HU),
• Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland (TUAS),
• Universitat Polytècnica de València, Spain (UPV),
• Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (MMU),
• City of Utrecht, Netherlands,
• City of Alcoi, Spain,
• City of Turku, Finland,

CARPE countries