Staff trainings

Staff training on Blended Learning 23-27 March 2015  – Valencia Spain Universitat Politecnica de Valencia.

valencia course

The training on the use and possibilities of blended learning and the use of open education resources in various formats. The course resulted in:

Knowledge sharing on innovative teaching approaches Sharing the knowledge on blended learning systems To talk over in detail the way the intellectual outcomes O1 A1-A6 (long term assignment on Smart Sustainable Cities 30 ECTS) will be developed to use in a Moodle environment. Practice to develop elements of the course module in the Essence Blended learning environment.

A nice visit of UPV TV resulted in a nice impression on the course and Essence (in Spanish):  Visualisation of the course



Staff training on Creative Solution Searching,  2-6 November 2015 Turku Finland

Turku imageIn order to come up with innovative solutions for the complex challenges of sustainable cities we need a more creative and fundamental approach. An approach is introduced that embraces contradiction, in order to seek for opportunity. Learning by experiments and involve our users/stakeholders very early in the design process, allowing us to learn from and develop with the real world we’re designing for. Since this design process is not a linear process, we cannot rely on existing process skills.  Training to be able to embrace chaos and learn from experiments in an environment that cannot (easily) be controlled. In the training, the participants went through all phases of this design process: see & feel (grasp), presence (understand), crystalize (interpret), and prototype (build).  The design process was introduced,  including: reframing the initial question (challenge the task given), using giga-mapping and generative techniques to come up with a variety of ideas (come up with new, fresh, and different ideas), and using co-design techniques to involve the user early in the design process (learn from their experiences, learn by experimenting, help validate your concepts).

We aligned our staff on the methodology chosen to offer our students in their curriculum. With this document Creative solution searching we share the training materials developed and used,