Target groups

The target groups of the project are:

Students, trainees, apprentices, young people (HEI’s). This target group is in CARPE ESSENCE the end user group. They will be involved in a huge part of the activities. The evaluation with this target group is very important for the realization, success, and follow up on the activities as developed in ESSENCE.

• Experts, specialists, professionals (municipalities, incubator facilities, SME’s). This target group plays an advisory role in CARPE ESSENCE: they give input, will be consulted for advice about the local situation, and about the entrepreneurial activities and facilitations. Moreover, new business opportunities, linked to the transition to a sustainable city, are identified and engaged through the outcome of the international Sustainable City competition.

• Decision makers and performers/officials (in/for municipalities). This target group will also play an advisory role in the project; they will be consulted for advice about the local situation, the specific needs of the city and the difficulties to become a sustainable city. But at the same time, this group is also stake-holder and will receive the end results of the international Sustainable City competition, give follow up to potential new and bright ideas, receive the benefits of the efforts of young people to improve the solutions for societal challenges and take ownership of the local transition to a sustainable city.

• Researchers, teaching staff Higher Education Institutes (HEI’s). This target group will be trained on the one hand in new innovative educational approaches, like blended learning. At the same time is this target group formed by specialists in different fields, of extreme relevance for the project of ESSENCE.

• Other people interested in urban sustainability, any individual or organization interested in the topic, municipalities from other regions, other universities.

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