Presentation Handouts

Presentation Handouts

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Session 1: Friday 22 November Abstract platform  14:00-15:15
Oral presentations Rapid 8

Theme: Early development
Chair: Rian Eijsermans MSc


O-ED-01 MBoonzaaijer. Factors associated with infant motor development from birth till independent walking- A SR of longitudinal research

O-ED-02 ISuir. The Dutch go slow Canadian norm values of the Alberta Infant Motor Scale evaluated for Dutch infants

O-ED-03 Assessment of fine motor development in infants at risk for development of unilateral cerebral palsy. Lianne Verhage MSc > no handout available

O-ED-04 Multi Sensory stimulation and priming (mussap) in infants at risk of developing unilateral cerebral palsy Anke Verhaegh MSc > no handout available

O-ED-05 GEORGE: An Inter-professional, Inter-university Early Intervention (ECI) Training Program. Prof. dr Toby Long  = Cancelled

O-ED-06 MSprong. Motor developmental trajectories after cardiac surgery in children with a congenital heart disease. a longitudinal analysis of outcome data


Session 2: Friday 22 November Abstract platform  14:00-15:15
Oral presentations Rapid 8

Theme: Physical fitness and physical activity
Chair: Manon Bloemen PhD


O-PA-01 BImpelmans. Determinants of effectiveness of intensive physiotherapy in ambulatory children with spastic cerebral palsy

O-PA-02 Effects from static versus dynamic standing in non-ambulatory children with cerebral palsy.  Asa Tornberg PhD

O-PA-03 KLankhorst. Sports participation, physical activity and health-related fitness in youth with chronic diseases or physical disabilities The Health in Adapted Youth Sports Study

O-PA-04 MPunt, KDamen. Presentation activity recognition in Children and adolescents based on DL

O-PA-05 SHermsen, EBolster. Using a participatory design approach to create a toolkit to stimulate physical activity in children with physical disabilities

O-PA-06 Running-based anaerobic performance of Dutch children using lower limb prostheses. Anka Michielsen MSc


Session 3 Friday 22 November Abstract platform 14:00-15:15
Oral presentations Rapid 8

Theme: Impact of context and environment working
Chair: Petra van Schie PhD


O-CO-01 ONeiger Mastery Motivation Characteristics among Preterm vs. Full Term Infant – Ecological Perspective

O-CO-02 RPickford. Jogle –Does a group challenge increase physical activity levels in teenagers and youth adults.

O-CO-03 GBarrett, CMurphy. Weight measurement in a primary care paediatric physiotherapy service.

O-CO-04 BUelkes. Facilitators and Barriers for Physical Activity in Children with Cerebral Palsy The Perspective of Parents

O-CO-05 LvEngelen. Barriers, facilitators and solutions for active inclusive play for Dutch children with a physical disability

O-CO-06 JvdNet. Escape from reality, to design a (Child) Health Campus together with children.

Session 4:  Friday 22 November Abstract platform 15:45-17:00
Oral presentations Rapid 8

Theme: Various
Chair: Anjo Janssen PhD


O-VA-01 LDekkers. Construct validity of the Observable Movement Quality scale in paediatrics.

O-VA-02 DvdWoude. The pediatric physical therapy in a changing SMA landscape.

O-VA-03 TZanen. Quality Improvement Intervention to Promote Early Mobilization in critically ill children_

O-VA-04 Endurance, joint mobility, strength and gait in mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (MPS VI). Linda van den Berg PhD > no handout available

O-VA-05 M.Jung. Effects of exercise therapy on cancer-related fatigue during and after pediatric stem cell transplantation.

O-VA-06 Gait adaptability can be improved by task-oriented treadmill training in children with developmental coordination disorder. Rosanne Kuijpers MSc > no handout available