Internship and graduation projects abroad

The final semester of the IB (IBMS/IBL) and IMM 4-year programmes is called the Graduation Phase. This half year of intense activity is comprised of two parts: (1) an internship and (2) an in-depth research project.

For their year 4 internship, students find a suitable company in a sector linked to their curriculum. The main aim is to gain more international business work experience by carrying out Bachelor level tasks at an internationally oriented company. While on internship, students also set up and carry out a full scale research project for their host company. The goal is to collect data to be able to establish facts that will help to solve an outstanding issue or problem faced by the company.

As an IB-student, at least one of your two internships should be abroad, and this adventure requires good planning. Obtaining an internship abroad is more difficult than finding one nearby. Be ready to convince foreign companies to hire an HU student and be ready to demonstrate your skills and adaptability.
Gaining work experience abroad is an important aspect of your international education, and sets IB graduates apart from their domestic-focused counterparts. Experiencing a foreign business culture and adapting to different ways of thinking will develop invaluable soft skills. Solving unique problems independently, without being able to fall back on familiar structures, strengthens management abilities. Dealing with discomfort, a lack of familiarity and maybe new discoveries about yourself, together with enhanced language skills, all add new dimensions to the student experience. If you have any spare time, you may be able to travel and see something of your host country, and participate in very local, country-specific sports and cultural activities. All your international experience will help to build networks and impress interviewers in future job applications.

More information can be found on  the course site.

Please note with regard to travelling abroad, HU set up some guidelines which you need to be aware of. Read this document  carefully, sign it and depending on the situation of your destination, hand it in or discuss it with your internship coordinator.