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Institute for International Business Studies

Introduction and overview of opportunities and contact persons

Your degree programmes at HU Business School will prepare you for a professional career in the international arena. Whichever path you choose, sooner or later you will find yourself working within a more or less international context. Be it clients, colleagues, suppliers, competitors, holding or sister companies, it is highly likely that you will come into contact with people and organizations from different cultural and/or geographical backgrounds.

At different stages throughout the programme, HU Business School also offers you the opportunity to broaden your horizon and strengthen your international and intercultural competencies targeted to your personal and professional learning objectives and situation. These opportunities are  explained hereunder.

For students: Organisation of and information on Internationalisation

You can find more information about the services offered by the International Office and general information on work placements and study opportunities abroad, partner institutes, scholarships & grants, procedures and deadlines on the site of the HU International Office.

For more specific information and academic issues about working and studying abroad and other international activities, please contact your  departemental coordinator (StudyAbroad IBS, Eline Hofman, Ute Massholder) or International Affairs of HU Business School (International HUBS; Jelly Offereins).