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Institute for Life Sciences and Chemistry (English)

Study Abroad

Students can study abroad during their minor period (“profilering”). The study abroad can start at the beginning of all periods (period A, B, C, D and E).

• Study Abroad is not a mandatory part of your study
• You can go abroad during your minor
• During your 2nd/3rd/4th study year you can go abroad

Criteria and Selection

• First year certificate
• Approval of the exam board

Contact person for Study Abroad

At your institute
Name: Wouter Nijenhuis
Email: wouter.nijenhuis@hu.nl
Phone: 088 – 481 8758

Internship or Graduation Abroad

• Internship abroad is not a mandatory part of your programme
• You can go on an internship abroad during your major
• During your 3rd/4th study year you can do an internship abroad
• You are allowed to graduate abroad

Criteria and Selection

• The ILC admission requirements for an internship/graduation apply also to internships/graduations abroad.

Contact person for Internship or Graduation Abroad

At your institute
Name: Rob Niekel
Email: rob.niekel@hu.nl
Tel: 088 – 481 8863

Name: Cristina Chamorro Perez
Email: cristina.chamorroperez@hu.nl
Tel: 06-38150652

Life Sciences:
Name: Robert Jan Veldman
Email: robertjan.veldman@hu.nl
Tel: 088 – 481 8759

Name: Wouter Nijenhuis
Email: wouter.nijenhuis@hu.nl
Tel: 088 – 481 8758

Other Opportunities Abroad

There are no other opportunities.

Internationalization @ Home

There are no opportunities for internationalization @ home.