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Institute for Media

At the Institute for Media (IvM) there are numerous options to broaden your international network and perspective through internships, study abroad and even at home.

Within our Institute we have two schools, you can click on the buttons for more detailed information on the international programmes and options in both schools.

Scroll down for information on funding, which applies to both schools.

Latest News: You can still apply for a VSB scholarship to support an international master, deadline 21 March 2021. Anyone graduated between March 2020 and December 2021 can apply in this round. More info via AskHU: VSB Beurs


As a student within the Institute for Media (IvM) you can either make use of our own IvM Mobility Support Fund (outside Europe) or the options offered by the HU International Office: Erasmus+ grants for study and internships (in Europe). Both options are outlined below.

For other funding opportunities, including the VSBfonds Beurs, the HU International Office has an overview on this AskHU Grants and Scholarships page.

Institute for Media (IvM) – Mobility Support Fund

Students can ask for Mobility Support for one of the three options listed below:
1. Study at an international HU-partner university, outside the EEA*, for at least 3 months
2. Approved internship as part of your BA-major outside the EEA
3. Presentation at an international conference as part of registered IvM programme or course or participation in a Knowledge center research.

*The EEA countries include all European Community countries as well as Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

For option 1 the Holland Scholarship of 1250 euro is available for 6 selected candidates per academic year.

For option 2 the Mobility Support Fund can reward up to a maximum of 250 euro per candidate, with a maximum of 12 candidates per academic year.

For option 3 the Mobility Support Fund can reward up to a maximum of 350 euro per candidate, with a maximum of 6 candidates per year.


  • You are not in a Erasmus+ funded programme or activity (scroll down for more information about Erasmus+ grants)
  • You study full-time BA Journalism or CMD at the Institute for Media
  • Your study abroad is with an HU partner university and approved by the exam board
  • Your Work Placement lasts at least 2 months
  • You are going on Work Placement outside the EEA
  • Work Placement is a part of the curriculum and has been approved by the Work Placement Coordinator in advance
  • Your participation in an international conference is part of your study programme and not funded in another way
  • As a student-ambassador for your study programme you are, if so desired, prepared to contribute to stimulating Study Abroad.


You have to apply in the academic year in which you do the activity (options 1, 2 or 3)!

To apply, please email the completed Application Form including a motivation and appendices, to the assistant international officer: Mrs. Barbara Geers (barbara.geers@hu.nl).

The deadline for option one is 1 February. The deadline for options two and three is 1 June (of the academic year of your activity).

The fund will be granted in the academic year in which you do the activity, and rewarded before July.


You have to follow three steps to apply.

Step 1: fill in the Mobility Support Fund_General Form and include a motivation and appendices.

Step 2: download the form that fits your choice. Use the Mobility Support Fund Study Abroad form -in collaboration with Holland Scholarship- for option 1, the Mobility Support Fund Internship form for option 2, or the Mobility Support Fund Conference form for option 3 through the links below.

Mobility Support Fund Study Abroad (option 1)

Mobility Support Fund Internship (option 2)

Mobility Support Fund Conference (option 3)

Step 3: e-mail the Mobility Support Fund General Form (including a motivation and appendices) from step 1 and the form chosen in step 2 to the IvM assistant international officer: Mrs. Barbara Geers (barbara.geers@hu.nl).

Erasmus + Grant

If you are an HU student and you want to spend a period in another European country for study or internship, you can apply for an Erasmus+ Grant. The amount depends on the length of your stay abroad and your destination country.

Erasmus + Grant for Study

Erasmus + Grant for traineeship

Take note, in the first semester of 2021-2022 students and staff will still be covered by Erasmus+ to study or take part in an internship in the United Kingdom (update Jan. 2021)


This list of frequently asked questions and answers (in Dutch) applies to most IvM students, but some answers apply to Journalism only.