Study abroad

Each year, approx. 300 students of HU Business School spend one or two semesters studying at a partner university abroad:

  • We currently have exchange agreements with around 80 higher education institutions around the world (visit the Partner Universities Portal);
  • Students on an exchange programme are not required to pay any tuition fees at the partner university;
  • The Erasmus programme (funded by the EU) offers grants for studying at a European partner institution;
  • If agreed beforehand, results gained during your period of study abroad can count towards your HU degree programme, thereby avoiding any delay in your studies;
  • Successful completion of the 1st year  is a prerequisite to spending a period studying abroad;
  • Your study results (= average number of credits obtained each term) are a contributing factor in the selection process for the universities of your choice;
  •  The registration deadline is 31 January (for Study Abroad in the following academic year).

In the first year of the main phase, students can apply  and register for Study Abroad (till 31 January) trough MobilityOnline.

Contact persons

IB: Ute Massholder; Study Abroad IB; Eline Hofman
IBL weavers: Eline Hofman